WISEarth International Corporation, a leader in creating organic, sustainable and safe products by fostering healthier plants, foods and environment has finalized a license agreement with Guandong Greemax/LivLi Biotech Corp. with corporate headquarters in Guangzhou, China. Greemax is a leading producer & marketer of emulsifiers, fertilizers, pesticide products, with a particular emphasis in the decorative floral segment throughout several provinces in southern China. Greemax has a long history of focusing on R&D of new, environmental products and has ongoing relationships with South China Agriculture, Zhongkai University of Agriculture and Engineering and Academy of Agriculture Sciences.

Greemax is currently building a 8,000 square meter manufacturing facility that will be dedicated to the production, marketing and sale of several WISEarth products in Guangdong Province. Production will commence in December 2013. WISEarth Chairman and CEO, Earl Devoto, commented that “We are pleased to have forged a strategic alliance with such a prestigious and prominent brand in southern China. We look forward to exponential sales growth within China in the years to come. WISEarth is very pleased to have secured a platform for the marketing and distribution of our products in a country that consumes 25% of all food produced in the world”