Mr. Rod Bradbury is CEO and founder of EcoSafe Natural Products Inc., a consulting and contract research & development company specializing in product formulation and product development. He has led projects for startup companies, biotech companies, multinational companies, universities and government departments in both North America and Europe. Mr. Bradbury is conversant with EPA and PMRA regulations used to guide development and analysis of pesticides. He has expertise in product development and scale-up, fermentation product recovery of microbials, extraction of compounds from natural sources, commercial production, analytical chemistry, packaging, product field trials, toxicology, application techniques and registration.

Mr. Bradbury’s industry experience spans a cumulative 35 years at chemical companies in Europe and North America including: NIRD, ICI, Cyanamid, May & Baker, Microbial Resources, CB Research, Safer LTD, Omega Biotech Corporation. Mr. Bradbury has also assisted in production plant design and overseen commercial manufacturing processes at sites around the world. His expertise includes agrochemicals, microbial pesticides, fertilizers, natural products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and environmental chemicals. He holds numerous patents and has published numerous articles in his field.
Mr. Bradbury holds both a Bachelor of Science degree and a Masters of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of Manchester in England.