Hugh Cole, Ph.D. currently runs his own company, Cobar Americas, a globally recognized producer of specialty chemical formulations, based in Dallas, Texas. He is also an independent consultant to several major corporations in the U.S. and Asia including Eyar Instruments, and is a regular contributing author to numerous books and publications including: Advances in Polymer Science, Printed Circuit Handbook.

Previously, Dr. Cole was a Bell Labs fellow and a distinguished member of technical staff at the Bell Labs research and development center in Murray Hill, New York. Prior to his work at Bell Labs, he held various positions with Alpha Metals, a member of the Cookson group, and was Vice President of Federal-Hewitt group in Detroit, Michigan.

Dr. Cole has a B.S. degree from Fairleigh Dickenson University, a Masters Degree in materials science from Rutgers University and a doctoral degree from Rutgers University in the field of Polymer Science.