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Fertizone is designed to re-populate and promote the growth of microbes in the root zone. These ingredients provide nutrients to the microbial inoculants enhancing their growth and ability to work with the plant. FertiZONE is a unique complex blend of chelated multi-minerals, organic acids, plant extracts, finely ground minerals and beneficial microbial inoculants. Fertizone can add one hundred times (100x) more microbes into your soil than any other product on the market. It’s available in either Wettable Powder or Granular formats.

By re-establishing a balanced microbial population in the root zone, FertiZONE enhances plant health; harvest quality; reduces plant stress and reduces fertilizer and irrigation requirements. In most cases, at least a 25% reduction in fertilizer use and 20 to 25% less water.

Benefits of using FertiZONE:

  • Improves harvest quality
  • Significantly reduces stress damage in transplanting
  • Increases visible root volume by up to 30% which increases nutrient transfer and reduces stress
  • Reduces fertilizer requirements
  • Reduces plant water requirements
  • Increases bio mass
  • Increases yield
  • Better fruit quality – improves soluble solids




FertiBoost can be used as a soil improver and as a foliar spray. It is a complex of humic acids, organic acids, surfactants and proprietary formulated minerals that greatly stimulates microbial activity.

Soil Improver
When Boost is used as a soil improver, it stimulates microbial growth in the soil, increases root volume, and makes the transfer of nutrients and water from the soil to the plant more efficient. Both slow release and fast release fertilizers get to the plant more rapidly. That helps growers cut costs and increase yields.

Foliar Spray
Boost can also be used as a foliar spray. When diluted at least twenty to one in water, it reduces surface tension of the leaf, and increases the absorption of any foliar nutrients applied as part of the spray application.