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WISEarth Organics fertilizers are designed with a scientifically superior formulation and process that are both patent pending. The product is a unique blend of U.S Department of Agriculture’s National Organics Program (NOP) approved ingredients with slow release nitrogen, which make it suitable for most organic agriculture products.

WISEarth’s fertilizers are certified organic by Washington State’s Department of Agriculture, a USDA accredited certifier, as meeting all the NOP standards.

WISEarth fertilizers contain No Manure, No Molasses and No E.coli so there is no messy clean-up or pathogen growth and it will not harm the environment when used according to label directions. In contrast, synthetically derived chemical fertilizers will contaminate groundwater, streams and water bodies.

Importantly, WISEarth Organics can be applied with standard equipment, directly on the seed line at planting, which increases the plant’s ability to access plant nutrients at earlier growth stages. By contrast, broadcasting phosphates and potassium is less effective in getting these nutrients to the plant.

WISEarth Organics provides excellent results in plant growth, plant health and plant quality. Scientifically superior to other Organics….the best combination of nature and science.




Earthworms are associated with healthy soils and bountiful crops. That is because earthworms excrete castings that contain beneficial microbes. WISEarth Organics uses earthworm castings from earthworms that have been fed organic matter that has been pre-composted using a thermophillic process. That means that the earthworm food has been heated at high temperatures for a specific amount of time. This eliminates pathogens and kills any weed seeds that were in the organic matter. This compost is then fed to the earthworms. The worms eat the composted matter and turn it into a very rich soil additive. These castings are blended with green waste compost to ensure a diverse microbial population.

The WISEarth Organics Earthworm Compost Tea is “brewed” in the fermentation tanks for an extended period of time to ensure the maximum population of a diverse group of beneficial microbes. By utilizing our propriety brewing process the microbial population goes into a stasis condition and remains dormant until they are fed a protein source. This Trade Secret brewing process allows WISEarth Organics Earthworm Compost Tea to become one of the most potent shelf-stable Compost Teas on the market and it can be stored unopened for up to one year.

What it does for plants:

  • Reduces transplant stress
  • Increases yield and improves quality
  • More efficient use of water and fertilizer
  • Improves soil health and increases beneficial microbes


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